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Re: Sfakia report, Tues Nov 3rd

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Sfakia report, Tues Nov 3rd
03 November, 2015 18:48

Today the weather was perfect! It was sunny and still and very warm. Several people went for morning swims. I spotted a hedgehog snuffling around in a garden on the way back from the beach.

The Daskalogiannis did the run to Loutro-Roumeli-Gavdos today, arriving back a bit late. It seems it will go again tomorrow to make up for missing Monday’s scheduled run.

End of season cleaning work continued today at the Lefka Ori – a 75 litre olive oil container was being washed out. And the Xenia received a delivery of a new dryer – a bit late in the season!

We drove up to Kalikratis after morning coffee since it was the first day in a long time that the sky was clear over the mountains. On the way up we could see that the north coast was still covered in cloud, and there were signs of a lot of rain recently in Asfendou. In Kalikratis we passed through a gathering that was the celebration of St. George the Drunkard (appropriate for many Georgoses we know)! However, no raki stills were working – we heard that the grape crop was spoiled by the rain in mid August. After having a lovely salad and a hot carob drink sitting outside at Janina’s café, we returned via the road directly down to the coast, with wonderful sunlit views. There was probably an 8°C difference in temperature between Kalikratis and Patsianos!

It was still sunny and very warm back in Sfakia in the afternoon, and the beach attracted quite a few tourists (and a sunbathing cat). The noise from the slipway work wasn’t too bad, but you couldn’t hear it at all on Vrisi beach.

Tonight’s sunset threw out amazing colours, a real treat after so many grey and windy days. It was hard to decide which of the dozens of photos I took to post!

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Re: Sfakia report, Tues Nov 3rd
03 November, 2015 21:38

Thanks again Jean. The sunset photos are beautiful.

The road from Kalikratis to Patsianos has some super views........not that one should take ones eyes off the Tarmac!


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