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Solution for delays in flights to Chania Airport

by Erno » 12 Jul 2018, 09:32

Solution for delays in flights to Chania Airport - 12 July, 2018


The delays recorded on flights at Chania Airport are a concern for the Union of Chania Hotels, which through its letter to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Spiritsis, National Defense Minister Panos Kammenos and Minister of Environment & Energy, Giorgos Stathakis, calls for accelerated procedures for upgrading the air traffic systems of "Daskalogiannis" airport.

As the Union mentions in its letter, "During a visit by members of the Board of Directors of the Union of Hoteleliers of Chania to the Airport of Chania, at the invitation of Fraport Greece for a guided tour and briefing on the progress of the projects that are taking or will take place at the airport, we have been informed that they expect your Ministries to provide the specifications for purchase by Fraport Greece - as is the contractual obligation - and to install the modern Air Traffic Services *) upgrading systems at Chania Airport".

Hoteliers urge ministers to speed up procedures "to end this delay, so as to decongest air traffic and multiply domestic and foreign flights".

As they explain, "flight delays will be avoided, a very common occurrence at Chania Airport in the current situation due to the lack of such systems."

From: ... o-chanion/

*) Air Traffic Services (ATS) provides safe, secure, and efficient management for the air space of a certain region, and regulates and assists aircraft in real-time to ensure their safe and effecient operations. An ATS route is a designated route for channeling the flow of traffic as necessary for the provision of air traffic services. This include jet routes, area navigation routes (RNAV), and arrival and departure route.
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