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Two new ships for ANENDYK

by Jean » 12 May 2018, 07:15

George Dalidakis just send us this article (in Greek) from We’ve made an attempt to translate it. There are 5 photos of the new ship in the link. ... t-neptune/


Lighting fast reactions of ANENDYK! These are the ships that will replace the "wounded" Neptune! Two new ships enter the fleet of the Chania shipping company! Repairs started on the wooden ship hit a few days ago.

ANENDYK, which operates on the routes Sfakia, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia, Paleochora and Gavdos, has proceeded with the purchase of two new ships. Just days after the unfortunate incident with the "Neptune", the rupture and the mechanical damage that took it off these routes, the company is bringing down to Chania the ship "AEGNA", which has already been renamed "Agia Roumeli" and now flies the Greek flag.

The ship, which was under the flag of Estonia, can reach 20 knots, is expected to greatly reduce the travel time on whichever routes the company decides to use it.

The “Agia Roumeli”, which is expected to arrive at the weekend in Chania, has had all the necessary work done so that the passenger can enjoy a comfortable trip, even if not just yet.

Calypso is coming

The second ship bought by ANEDYK has been named "Calypso". Its former name was "Sea Express". It is expected to be in Chania at the end of May. And this particular ship can reach a speed of 20 knots.

Repairs to the Neptune

The fact that two new ships are coming to ANENDYK does not mean that the "injured" Neptune will be decommissioned. Already, work has begun to repair it, and it is expected to be back in service on the company's routes again in a short period of time.

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Re: Two new ships for ANENDYK

by Erno » 12 May 2018, 09:23

This is the "Calypso" that comes on behalf of ANENDYK! It is a "twin" ship of the "Agia Roumeli".



It will be at the end of May in Chania and is the second ship bought by ANENDYK, after the Agia Roumeli (formerly the Aegna), which, according to, was also scheduled to be bought, but as it turned out, ANENDYK moved fast to fill the gap left by the Neptune.

And while the "Agia Roumeli" will be reportedly very soon in Chania, the "Calypso", formerly named "Sea Express", is still docked in Norway and is expected to begin its journey in a few days.

So far, ANENDYK has not announced on which routes the two specific ships will enter, and the precise planning will also depend on the course of the "Neptune"'s repairs.

Calypso has a length of 26 meters and can develop a speed of 20 knots and is considered to be the "twin sister" of the Agia Roumeli.

The latest mark for the location was on May 3 at the port of Siggjarvag in southwest Norway.

From: ... s-anendyk/
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Re: Two new ships for ANENDYK

by Erno » 12 May 2018, 10:21

So, both new boats are 26 metres long, with a max speed of 20 knots *) (37 km/h).

To compare:

* Daskalogiannis: length of 60 metres with a max speed of 13 m/h (21 km/h)

Speed recorded (Max / Average) [From: ... ALOGIANNIS]
10.4 / 9.5 knots

10.4 knots = max speed of 19,2608 km/h

* Samaria: length of 48 metres with a max speed of 13 m/h (21 km/h)

Speed recorded (Max / Average) [From: ... :SAMARIA_I]
10.1 / 9.3 knots

10.1 knots = 18.7052 km/h

* Neptune: length of 20 metres with a max speed of 11 m/h (17.7 km/h).

A nautical mile is based on the circumference of the earth, and is equal to one minute of latitude. It is slightly more than a statute (land measured) mile (1 nautical mile = 1.1508 statute miles). Nautical miles are used for charting and navigating.

A knot is one nautical mile per hour (1 knot = 1.15 miles per hour, 1.15 miles per hour =1.85 kilometers per hour). The term knot dates from the 17th century, when sailors measured the speed of their ship by using a device called a "common log." [A chip log, also called common log, ship log, or just log, is a navigation tool mariners use to estimate the speed of a vessel through water. The word knot, to mean nautical mile per hour, derives from this measurement method.] This device was a coil of rope with uniformly spaced knots, attached to a piece of wood shaped like a slice of pie. The piece of wood was lowered from the back of the ship and allowed to float behind it. The line was allowed to pay out freely from the coil as the piece of wood fell behind the ship for a specific amount of time. When the specified time had passed, the line was pulled in and the number of knots on the rope between the ship and the wood were counted. The speed of the ship was said to be the number of knots counted (Bowditch, 1984).
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Re: Two new ships for ANENDYK

by Mihalis » 12 May 2018, 12:22

More beach time!

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