Soúgia- end of May 2021 (feels like November) Everything you want to ask, read or write about Sfakia, southwest Crete, or Crete island in general.

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Soúgia- end of May 2021 (feels like November)

by kokkinos vrachos » 10 Jun 2021, 06:36

Soúgia- end of May 2021 (feels like November)

Kalimera, very few tourists in Sougia at the end of May, most of them from France, followed by Germany.

The few tourists are divided into the 3 open taverns: Omikron, Rebetiko and Livikon. Even the top dog Galini was still closed.

On the beach road to the harbor only Lotos, Cafés Santa Irene and Café Syva are open. In the Syva, where I always like to sit in the evening because the owner always plays his mandolin, there were no guests in the evening. Even at the end of October it was busier in Sougia.

The two beach bars were also still closed.

A few have camped on the beach and there were a few mobile homes - but fewer than usual at the end of May.

It was bitter that the baker wasn't open in May either. This gave the feeling that it was the end of the season (November). After all, the two mini markets were open.

Soúgia is one of my favorite places on the island, but without a baker it's crap .....

There were also only 2 buses a week to Soúgia, on the weekend there was no bus at all.

At the end of the beach road, opposite where the bus stops, a new tavern is being built. Otherwise nothing has changed in Sougia .......

na se kala, kv
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Re: Soúgia- end of May 2021 (feels like November)

by Marie and Andrew » 10 Jun 2021, 18:19

Hello Kokkinos Vrachos,

Thanks for the lovely information about Sougia. Nice to hear that your are down on Crete. It must be nice for you. Very nice with the man who played mandolin, even it it was quiet and no guests. Two trips has been cancelled in April to Crete, for us en a flight in June. But in July we are going to the island of Karpathos and in August we got a trip to Crete.
Have a nice summer and season and thanks again.

Marie and Andrew Sweden

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