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Early recruitment needed to open the Samaria Gorge in time

by Erno » 24 Jan 2020, 15:49

Early recruitment needed to open the Samaria Gorge in time - 24 January, 2020


Letter from the President of the Local Community of Agia Roumeli on the ... chronic problem in the gorge

In his letter to the Region of Crete and the Members of the Prefecture of Chania, the President of Agia Roumeli Ioannis Tzatzimakis points out that it is absolutely necessary to hire artisanal staff in a timely manner in order to clear the path and open the door for the visitors of Samaria gorge.

The following are detailed in the subchapter:

"As president of the local community of Agia Roumeli, I would like to inform you that, despite my troubles every year, the gorge officially opens on the 1st of May and the recruitment of staff takes place in mid-July until early August, with the result that the gorge remains untouched throughout this time with all the dangers it entails (fires, visitor injuries, etc.).

All these years the Park has been opened with the contribution of the locals, with their own voluntary work.
There has been no serious accident all these years from pure luck.

I have repeatedly informed the competent authorities without any response, waiting for the harm to happen and then looking for whom to take responsibility.

Thousands of visitors visit the park all summer long and it is unacceptable with so much money raised that it cannot be self-sufficient.

As president of the local community, I will continue to inform and highlight the problems in my area until the authorities realize that they must finally be resolved.

Please, hoping for your own actions and understanding to resolve the problem."

From: https://flashnews.gr/post/414531/na-gin ... s-samarias
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