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Most rain in 2019 in Sfakia and Crete

by Erno » 18 Jan 2020, 10:59

Most rain in 2019 in Sfakia and Crete - 18 January, 2020


The highs for rainfall and temperatures for 2019 was recorded by the Athens National Observatory / network of meteorological stations.

Regarding the rainfall that occurred in the country in 2019, it is worth noting that unlike most years, the highest annual rainfall is located in Crete, while the city of Athens has also experienced one of the most humid years of the last 15 years.

In February 2019, Crete was affected by two very severe storm systems, called Snow and Ocean, with more than 1,100 mm of rainfall recorded for the whole month in Askyfou in Sfakia and Asi Gonia, Chania.

On the contrary, the smallest annual rainfall amounts are found in northern Greece where the year was particularly dry, with annual rainfall in the city of Thessaloniki lagging behind even with the Cyclades.

The following table show the 10 largest annual rainfall levels for 2019. Askyfou got 2632 mm of total rainfall, Samaria Gorge 2231 mm, and Vrises 1867 mm:


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