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Sfakia report, Oct 8-9

by Jean » 09 Oct 2019, 21:29

It rained in the early hours of Tuesday night, and the following morning was cloudy, but it became sunny and hot by the afternoon, with a nice breeze. The sea was much calmer. Some tourists who had driven to Chania reported a heavy spell of rain in both Chania and Vrisses, but there was none in Sfakia. We were treated to a golden sky before sunset. The sun in now setting behind the dip of the Loutro peninsula – next week we hope to see it setting in the sea.

golden sky before sunset.jpg

Friends who had hiked across the upper branch of the Aradena Gorge to Krousia reported that there are a large number of wasps this year in that area (as there are elsewhere if you are eating outdoors during the day). If you have an allergic reaction to wasp stings, it would be wise to bring remedies since the pharmacy is still closed.

Friends who had gone to Agia Roumeli said that the path to the fort over the village was damaged by the spring floods, and that going up and then descending by the gentler slope into the gorge is far easier than doing the walk in the other direction.

Tuesday night was quite windy. This morning there was still a cool breeze. But with crystal-clear skies the air warmed up quickly, and it was very hot by the middle of the day. The sea is calm again, so the shower on the beach has been turned back on and the sunbeds are back in place, but most of the umbrellas have been put into storage.

Today Wiltrud and I climbed up to the headland over the new harbour and walked off-piste towards Amoudi beach. Heather is blooming at the top. The view to the west was beautiful today, and the sea and sky were clear blue.

view west from headland.jpg

When we reached the large sink-hole to the sea, we decided to go down there for a swim, which we had done about 10 years ago. Our descent was careful and slow over the loose rocks and large rock falls. As we entered the clear water, there patches of soft purple seaweed on some of the rocks. We swam far out from the cave mouth, noticing some plants flowering on the cliffs (? rock samphire: Crithmum maritimum). The sea was wonderfully warm and calm, and it we had the place all to ourselves.

deep sinkhole.jpg
purple seaweed in sea cave.jpg

We continued on to Amoudi beach and Agios Haralambos church in the cliff, where we stopped for a picnic before returning to the beach for another long swim. It was very hot today, and the stones on the beach were uncomfortably warm. The walk back via the upper village was also quite hot when we were out of the breeze. This evening has been very mild and calm.

Amoudi beach and mountains.jpg

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