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Sfakia report, September 29th: concert at Ilingas beach

by Jean » 30 Sep 2019, 09:57

Sunday night there was a free concert at Ilingas given by George Maggelakis and his group on a colourfully lit stage right on the beach. Georgos played the louto, lyra and mandolin at various times, and the band also featured flute and bagpipes. Tourists and lots of locals enjoyed the warm evening under the stars; the music and dancing went on into the small hours of the night. You could buy drinks and little souvlakis on the beach, the umbrella stands were used as café tables, with some other low tables also set up for the occasion, and the sunbeds provided seating for those who arrived early. It was great to see the Sfakians relaxing and having fun after so many months of hard work. A great time was had by all.




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