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Sinkhole after vibrations in Imbros, Sfakia - Geologists in the area

by Erno » 02 Jul 2019, 09:39

Sinkhole after vibrations in Imbros, Sfakia - Geologists in the area - 2 July, 2019


The "Crater", about three meters in diameter, was created in Imbros, near the village of Sfakia, by the reappearance of the geological phenomenon that has plagued the area since the beginning of March following the unprecedented rainfall of January and February.

This is a large sinkhole that occurred at the Pigadia site in Imbros, Sfakia and is believed to be related to the strong vibration recorded last Friday, measuring more than 3 degrees on the Richter scale, which was accompanied by intense hum and was particularly noticeable to the residents.

The Mayor of Sfakia, Giannis Zervos, briefed IGME geologists who had visited the area last March, investigating the phenomenon of continuous vibrations that were local in nature and were not related to earthquakes but were a geological phenomenon created by heavy rainfall.

The explanation given by the geologists at that time was that the huge accumulation of water in underground caves created pressures on the subsoil, which were perceived in the form of vibrations accompanied by rumbling noises, while assuring residents that by stopping of the rainfall the phenomenon would disappear.

Recently, as the Mayor of Sfakia noted, the phenomenon had faded away, but last Friday the residents again felt the "earth trembling under their feet" and heard the terrible noise. At the same time, residents found in the Pigadia area the sinkhole you see in the photo, while in two houses cracks have been created that have not been noticed in the past and are attributed to the last vibrations recorded in the area.

Mr. Zervos informed IGME in writing, asking for the visit of the relevant squad to the area to re-examine the evolution of the phenomenon and to inform the residents responsibly if they are safe.

"I immediately contacted IGME, we have sent a document and photographs from the area and asked them to come in immediately to do an investigation and to inform us if we are safe." I do not want to raise concern but it is a disturbing phenomenon. "At a point on the ground, there has been a sinkhole and it has also been reported that there are cracks in two residences that were not there before the phenomenon, it is worrying and the officials should investigate it with due gravity," the Mayor of Sfakia noted.

The concern of the mayor and the inhabitants is further exacerbated by the fact that IGME experts have reassured them that as the rain falls, the waters will find a way out and the hydraulic processes in the area causing the vibrations will stop, but the new incident happened in the middle of the summer and with a lot of force.

In the following days IGME geologists will make investigations in Sfakia and the residents are waiting for their answers.

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