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Samaria Gorge opens all the way on 10th May, 2019

by Erno » 23 Apr 2019, 15:15

Samaria Gorge opens all the way on 10th May, 2019 - 23 April, 2019


Earlier opening in part from Agia Roumeli, maybe before Easter, but anyway before 1st May
From Agia Roumeli on 26th April, see here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1150

A broad meeting of representatives of institutions and experts with the Chania Water and Civil Protection Departments of the Decentralised Administration of Crete (ADK) was held today at the offices of the Decentralised Administration of Crete with the exclusive theme of the start and safe operation of the Samaria National Park, after the February natural disaster.

Coordinator Maria Kozyraki, on the occasion of the recent disasters from the severe weather events in Chania, invited representatives of academic institutions, agencies and competent services to discuss any disincentives that could affect the safe visit of the Samaria natural ecosystem.

The mayor of Sfakia asked for the Samaria Gorge to open on the 1st May, as every year, adding that appropriate interventions should be made regarding the Omalos area for road accessibility, as well as the ability to cross the gorge by visitors.

"We must all coordinate in this direction because the gorge's operation has multiple benefits for the local community. This year's bad weather has not left the Samaria Gorge unaffected for the Chania Forest Service" .

The mayor of Sfakia also added that the gorge has not suffered such severe damage from the severe weather and even the extent of the damage is less than expected, but there is a problem with the high water level.

"I would not say that it has suffered very severe consequences from the severe weather of the previous winter, and the phenomena are not as serious as we expected, but the problem is the amount of water, but given that we have no rainfall now, it is a matter of days for a balance to be made and we can safely give thousands of people the chance to visit it this year too", said Zervos.

It is recalled that in mid-March, ADK officials had investigated the Samaria Gorge to assess the situation in which the National Park was in the aftermath of the devastating floods that hit Chania.

As they had seen one month ago, the situation was not irreversible and normal cleaning and maintenance work was required with additional reconstruction and reinforcement of small technical matters to "prepare" the Gorge to welcome the first visitors.

The meeting was also attended by OASP Chairman Efthimios Lekkas, who noted that the discussion about the safe operation of the Gorge is done on two levels:

The first is the safety of citizens and visitors. The second is to investigate whether the natural character is being preserved or whether the vulnerability of the natural character can be modified. "These are two elements that are contradictory and we have to find an average solution," Mr. Lekkas noted, adding that

"By analyzing all the elements, we will look at the potential dangers that exist and then we will decide what to do ..." Our main concern is security and rebuilding of the area, which can be done through the opening of the Samaria Gorge ".

Finally, the Decentralized Administration of Crete announced that "after the discussion and information presented on the necessary technical works that are already in place to allow visitors access to the entrance of the park, the 10th of May was announced as the date of opening of the park.

It was emphasized that this date may change as long as the weather conditions have changed so far, with the result that technical works are not allowed to be completed within and also to the entrance of the park."

However, according to information, the gorge will be "opened" for visitors from the south side from Agia Roumeli earlier, as it is almost every year.

This can not be ruled out to be before Easter, but at least before 1st May, something that is expected to be announced in the coming days.

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