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Paleochóra - the calming look at the crocodile (May 2021)

by kokkinos vrachos » 10 Jun 2021, 06:42

Paleochóra - the calming look at the crocodile (May 2021)

Paleochóra is not an artificial tourist place / resorts like Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia, Kalamaki, Plakias, Bali. Paleochóra is a growing place with 2,000-3,000 permanent residents.
Paleochóra is the second warmest place in Greece. 25C around Christmas is therefore not uncommon. The center of the village is located on a narrow headland that is peninsula-like in front of the rapidly rising south coast. Because of this geographical location, Paleochóra is at the sunniest point on the island of Crete.

Paleochóra has a beautiful hinterland, many small original villages, many different beaches in the vicinity and offers beautiful walks, e.g. the E4 coastal walks .... ...

In July and August it is really crowded in Paleochóra - I saw it once in August 2008. You get the feeling that the whole of Paleochóra is one tavern. What felt like 30 taverns all have their tables outside and all tables are full. I think Paleochóra and Agía Galini are the places with the most taverns and kafeneia in Crete.

From November to March, Paleochóra is also an ideal place for long-term rental. Attractively priced. I spent the entire month of November 2017 and the entire month of March 2018 in Paleochora. Paleochóra has grown really dear to my heart over the years. It is more like a vacation among locals. But Paleochóra is also highly recommended in May and mid-September / October.

The little book "Paleochora (A Review of the Past) Monograph by Nicolaos by Nicolaos Pyrowolakis (Teacher)" is also highly recommended for Paleochóra friends.
- Location
- The climate - the weather conditions
- How Paleochora got its name
- The history of the fort
- The time of the Turkish rule
- The origin and development of Paleochora
- The golden age of Paleochora (pre-war period)
- The occupation time
- Post war period
- Byzantine churches around Paleochora
- Lissos
- The Asogires Caves
- Gavdos

The little booklet (67 pages) is available in the small bookstore across from the Everestfood Grillhouse in Paleochóra.

End of May 2021:

During the day it is very quiet in Paleochóra. In the evening it feels like all 2,000 locals are on the street. After it is always well over 30C during the day, everyone enjoys the slight cooling in the evening. There are still very few tourists in town.

At first glance, nothing has changed in Paleochóra. Two large new buildings are being built between the Petrakis supermarket and the Anatoli bakery.

All but a handful of taverns are open. A few taverns / kafeneio have changed hands, such as Anemos, my favorite shop, which unfortunately is still closed.

The localities are very separated according to locals and tourists.

Pelekanos and Livikon at the pier are very well attended in the evening and are firmly in the hands of the locals.

Only in the Agios Bar do locals and tourists mix. Lots of young people during the day.
Odysseia and Portofino are firmly in the hands of tourists and very well attended in the evenings. Seagull also has a few guests in the evening. All other taverns have almost no guests.

Also in the Jetee beach bar no guests in the evening, although you can sit here great. The Kantina Limnaki, at the end of Limnaki Beach is also closed and looks very direct.

Another pizzeria opens on the corner of Akrogiali. The Akrogiali has the best pita. I also have the feeling that a few new taverns have been added.

The Katina is open at Gialiskari Beach / Sandy Beach, and the massage parlor (I recommend) is open too. I have often been to Gialiskari Beach in November and March, when it was disorganized and I was mostly alone - a dream.
Now in the season there are 40 parasols and what feels like hundreds of loungers. It's still one of my favorite beaches, but I still like it a lot better in winter without all the umbrellas and loungers. Anidri Beach is still disorganized.

In the evenings in the Gavdos district (Gavdiotika) there is a heavenly peace. The look at the crocodile is, as always, a familiar and pleasant sight.

kokkinos vrachos, May 2021
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Re: Paleochóra - the calming look at the crocodile (May 2021)

by jean h » 10 Jun 2021, 22:23

Thank you very much for your details about the tavernas, shops, beaches etc in Paleochora. It has been more than 35 years since we were there, and the town obviously deserves revisiting off-season). Enjoy your stay!

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