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The Villa Ariadne, Dilys Powell

Posted: 24 Jan 2019, 13:33
by Nick
Firstly, can I say 'Hello, Again'! I've been away from the forum for some time and my last trip to Crete was 2013.

I've not seen mention of the Villa Ariadne elsewhere, but I can thoroughly recommend it. Although it focuses on the background to the development of Knossos from the days of Sir Arthur Evans through to the postwar period, it covers much more and in a very readable style. Dilys Powell knew Evans and his successor, John Pendlebury, who was killed during the Battle of Crete and is buried at Souda Bay. Villa Ariadne was taken over as the German headquarters during the war and it was here that General Kreipe was based. The book recounts the kidnapping through conversations with Micky Akoumianakis. Dilys Powell finishes by recounting visiting the island in 1971 when she was able to locate Micky's father's grave. Manolis Akoumianakis was the foreman at Knossos during Evans' time and died during the Battle of Crete, having taken up arms in the belief that Micky had been killed by the Germans.

For me. the book provides a taste of what life was like on Crete was like before mass tourism.

Re: The Villa Ariadne, Dilys Powell

Posted: 24 Jan 2019, 13:58
by Erno
Welcome back, Nick!