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Wave of earthquakes in SW Crete in the last 24 hours

Posted: 10 Feb 2016, 10:25
by Erno
Wave of earthquakes in SW Crete in the last 24 hours - 10 February, 2016


The coastal area south and southwest of Crete has attracted the attention of scientists and especially those of the Laboratory of Geophysics and Seismology Annex Chania, the technical University of Crete and the UNESCO headquarters of geology.

The wave of earthquakes in the last 24 hour were detected and recorded in areas of land, a fact that is unusual, as most earthquakes occur in the marine area.

The Director of the Laboratory of Geophysics and Seismology, Mr. Philip Vallianatos, clarified that earthquakes are often recorded on the land of Crete, only so far they were so small that they were not felt by residents.

With regard to the specific earthquakes of the last 24 hours Mr. Vallianatos says:

"This is a series of earthquakes with relatively small sizes. This whole series of earthquakes comes from the stimulation of faults in the area south of Crete.

That they are felt is because the seismic area that is shaking is situated in the coastal zone of which a major portion is located on land. This combined with that the quakes are superficial results in that they are particularly felt by residents.

Besides the earthquakes that were felt, in the context of this seismic series are happening many small earthquakes as well, which are recorded but not be felt by the residents."

With respect to whether these earthquakes will go on, Mr. Vallianatos stressed that "they are witnessing the phenomenon of the series to see how it will evolve. Usually it is a phenomenon that develops, allowing small earthquakes and then is ending. But we will see ... " [...]

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To see how this series is developing:

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