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Re: digital anavasi maps

by francois » 20 Mar 2016, 05:24

Hope this helps.
There must be much better ways of doing it but after a lot of trials and errors, this is what worked for me :

The idea is to convert the *.tif image into a format that can be displayed on android devices with OruxMaps ... x.oruxmaps

Use Kap-maker
Convert*.tif to *.bmp
Calibrate *.bmp
Get « chartcal.dir » calibration file

Use Kap-file Utility ... index.html
(chartcal.dir in in calibration file field, *.bmp in image file field)
To create *.kap

Use Oruxmaps desktop
(*.kap in calibration file field, *.bmp in image file field)
To create a folder containing 2 files (*.otrk2.xml and OruxMapsImages.db)
Copy and paste it in the OruxMaps "Mapfiles" folder

This is what it looks like on a Samsung Galaxy S4

I'll find out in May how accurate the calibration is...but judging from how closely the *gpx track matches the path on the map it shouldn't be too bad

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Re: digital anavasi maps

by Frank » 15 May 2016, 17:17

Frank wrote:.....

But I'm not comparing to sat images but to a reference point on both google maps and in OSM.
Those two maps give the same coordinates for a given reference point, but somehow the Anavasi .TIFF map opened in android "PDF maps" gives coordinates for that same point that are 200 metres off.
I can't test it for real now, but I guess when I am somewhere in the map area and use GPS my location shown on the map will probably also be 200 meters off.

It turns out the digital TIFF map in real life is accurate and works very well with the app "pdf maps" on android.
I can recommend this to anyone who can't get the kmz map working on android. Just email anavasi after purchase and I'm sure Penelope will provide you with the TIFF map instead.

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Re: digital anavasi maps

by francois » 19 May 2016, 15:33

Same waypoint ie. 35° 19.185'N 23° 54.827'E shown in PDF maps (red pin), ORUX maps (green marker) and GOOGLE EARTH (yellow pin).
(don't be mistaken,the coordinates displayed in PDF maps are those of the circular target, not those of the waypoint)
Calibration in both PDF maps and ORUX maps matches GOOGLE EARTH.
I'll be there next week and will be able to check all three readings against my GPS...
PDF maps.jpg
Orux maps.jpg
Google earth.jpg

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Re: digital anavasi maps

by ChristophBecker » 12 Dec 2016, 11:00

I use the application locuspro and avenza maps. With both I can use Anavasi maps. With avenza maps you have to buy the map again, with locuspro I can load kmz files.

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Re: digital anavasi maps

by owl » 15 Dec 2016, 17:25


I have have used maps downloads download from Anavasi for a number of years. Most of the time I use a dedicated GPS Unit (Garmin GPS64) - however I also have the maps installed on my iPhone using an application called Avenza PDF Maps - the website indicates this is available for Android devices too. I have used this application in Crete and can verify the accuracy - it correctly indicated i was in the bar of my choice in Sougia!

It is a while since I loaded the maps into Avenza - but the software indicates the map is the Samaria WPS84 map in GeoTiff format. For information GeoTiff is a standard tiff file with additional Geo information embedded directly in the file (or as a separate file with a .tfw extension). I recall the installation was fairly painless.

P.S. - I don't have any affiliation with either Anavasi or Avenza.

Hope this helps.



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