Antikristo – the Traditional Way of Grilling Tell us about your favourite Cretan dishes, wines and spirits, good restaurants in Crete, local herbs and spices, Cretan cheese, olives, and olive oil, and your Cretan recipes.

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Antikristo – the Traditional Way of Grilling

by kokkinos vrachos » 09 Nov 2020, 09:21

Antikristo is one of the oldest and most unique techniques of meat preparation.

Antikristo is a traditional way of cooking that is common in different parts of the world, but is deeply rooted in the Cretan culture. It is a technique practiced by soldiers in antiquity as well as by farmers in the Byzantine Empire, by the rebels during the Turkish occupation, and adopted by the shepherds over time. It was so popular because it didn’t take too much time, preparation, or ingredients......... ... -grilling/

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