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Greek pita gyros - the right way

by Erno » 23 Jan 2016, 09:40

Greek pita gyros - the right way - 23 January, 2016


The customer orders a pita with gyros.

The bloke behind the counter asks if that’s “me ola” (with everything) and the customer says yes, meaning that he wants tomato, yoghourt and onions with his gyros.

There follows an exhibition of skill and jugglary.

The trained movements are automatic, coordinated and very fast.

This is how you can tell the expert from the novice, whose hands tremble and move slowly.

Let’s watch the expert in slow motion:

– The cook checks to see if the pita and chips are ready. Once he is sure everything is in order, he sharpens his knives and starts to cut thin strips off the grilled outer surface of the gyros cone stacked on a vertical rotisserie
– His left hand turns palm up with the fingers spread. He places a paper napkin and a piece of greaseproof paper on it with his right
– He grabs a grilled pita from the pile of ready ones and sets it on the greaseproof paper
– He spreads yoghourt on the pita
– He picks up the cut strips of gyros with the tongs and adds them to the pita
– He adds the chips, tomato slices and onion rings
– Using both hands, he wraps the pita into a roll and wraps the paper around it to hold it
– The gyros pita is ready and presented to the customer with a polite “kali órexi” (bon appétit).

From: ... p-by-step/

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Re: Greek pita gyros - the right way

by rick » 23 Jan 2016, 10:29

Yum! I know what I'm having for dinner.

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