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Start of restoration of the Tower of Alidakis

by Erno » 08 Dec 2015, 14:32

Start restoration of the Tower of Alidakis in Apokoronas - 8 December, 2015

Tower of Alidakis

The restoration of the Alidakis Tower will begin, which is located at the higher end of the settlement of Emprosneros and is able to overlook a big part of Apokoronas.

It is a sprawling complex of buildings belonging to the type of fortified residences of Ottoman architecture with elements of Venetian rule. As announced by the Mayor Apokoronou Charalambos Koukianakis, the municipality tries to do all within its powers and in its effort to rescue and protect the cultural heritage of the place, and therefore has signed a program contract with the Ministry of Culture and Education and the implementing entity of the tax authorities of Chania's antiquities funding body and the Region of Crete. The total duration for the completion of the contractual object is 24 months. The total cost of the project amounts to 300.000,00 €.

The Mayor of Apokoronas, Charalambos Koukianakis, pointed out that the aim of the project is the restoration of the Tower in order to preserve and to highlight this important monument. The recovery process is a specific operation to be performed without affecting the historical and aesthetic features of the monument that are identified with respect to its original status and original elements.

From: ... -apokorwna

This restoration was previously anounced, at the beginning of this year:,2066

Embrosneros village: Most residents come from Sfakia and settled in the village after the capture of
the tower of Alidakis, in 1774. Ibrahim Alidakis was a farmer and Turko-Cretan janissary, part
of a elite infantry unit that formed the Ottoman Sultan's household troops and bodyguards,
recruited from young Christian boys. A story is told to show the wealth of Alidakis; the
stones of the walls were bound together with loam and milk instead of water. In 1774 at
this location a large gathering of Sfakian men and women, under the leadership of Anagnostis
Manousakas from Imbros, after receiving the blessings of their priests, descended on
Emprosneros and attacked the fort of Alidakis, who was preparing to invade Sfakia and
take over the flocks and pastures of the Sfakians. This pre-emptive strike by the Sfakians
resulted in the killing of Alidakis and his army of more than 200 mercenaries.
The Sfakians lost 18 men and 2 women that had fought alongside the men.
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