Photos of Loutro in the 70er Post your favourite photo or video of Crete, show your Cretan holiday photos and video.

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Photos of Loutro in the 70er

by kiki » 26 Jun 2018, 16:07

Some nice pictures from early Loutro ... 54070/1510

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Re: Photos of Loutro in the 70er

by Jean » 26 Jun 2018, 17:48

Thanks so much for posting this - the old photos are so interesting, especially for people who only know modern Loutro.

Jim and Ann
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Re: Photos of Loutro in the 70er

by Jim and Ann » 28 Jun 2018, 03:58

Those are so wonderful, so amazing. We are Canadians and have been to Loutro, Sfakia and Agia Roumeli in the even-numbered years since 2010 although we have had to miss 2018. We can say absolutely that we are old enough to have been those back-packing hippies in their early 20's in the early 1970's. It is so astounding to see those views of the east side and the west side of the harbour back then, and how sparse the buildings were. Thanks so much for finding those and posting them.

Ann and Jim

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Re: Photos of Loutro in the 70er

by arnulf » 28 Jun 2018, 08:41

Very, very nice and interesting photos!!

Thank You very much!!

All the best


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