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Col & Kay
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Rousies to Omalos

by Col & Kay » 03 Aug 2018, 16:10

We are experienced hikers in Crete and are planning at the start of October to get a lift in 4x4 from Anopolis to the end of track at Rousies and then walk to permitting of course. Staying for 2 nights in Omalos. We estimate 7 hours walking to do the 22-24kms including rests.

We would be interested to hear any comments from anyone who has done this hike at this time of year. Thanks

Col & Kay

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Re: Rousies to Omalos

by arnulf » 04 Aug 2018, 21:36


This is a very long walk for one day! I walked the opposite direction 2 years ago in early October. I slept at Katsiveli, before walking down to Anopolis.

Ok - you are starting at 1900m, but I would think you will need at least 8 hours walking - time. You will need 2-3- rests for eating etc, so I would estimate 9 - 9 1/2 hours total. This is if following the E - 4 route from Melindaou and not taking in Mavri and Psari, as I did. Then you will need another 1/2 - 1 hour.

Take also in consideration that you have less hours of dayligth in October, than earlier in the autumn. Why not camp in Potamos or Plakoseli??

All the best

Arnulf Sunde

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Re: Rousies to Omalos

by robo » 05 Aug 2018, 17:52

I've covered the same walk as Arnulf and would say very much the same.


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Re: Rousies to Omalos

by owl » 06 Aug 2018, 08:34


Do you have the Anavasi 1:25K maps (Samaria-Sougia and Lefka Ori) - I would highly recommend these? There are timings for the route on the reverse of the map:

Rousies to Katsiveli: 1h 30m
Katsiveli to Pirou to Melindaou to Kallergi: 5h.

Kallergi to Xyloscala will be about 1 hour.

There is quite a height gain from Pirou to Melindaou (the E4 passes just below the summit of Melindaou).

The hotels in Omalos are at the north end of the plateau so you would walk down the 4x4 track from Kallergi to the main road (1hour) and turn right and walk about 30 mins to the hotels. It is possible to stay at the Kallergi refuge - enquire in advance.

I think Kostas at the Hotel Anopoli runs a 4x4 up to Rousies when there are sufficient numbers. I would only do this walk if the weather is stable - as you would need good visibility.



Col & Kay
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Re: Rousies to Omalos

by Col & Kay » 06 Aug 2018, 10:54


Yes I have the map and I remembered this morning about the route descriptions on it, I just had to unfold it one more section and there they were with the timings also!
We know the area very well as we have visited Sfakia about 15 times, always staying in Anopolis as part of the holiday. We know Kostas and all the family at Anopolis Rooms very well and we will be taking his advice on the local mountain weather forecast before committing to the hike to Omalos. A couple of the hotels in Omalos do drop off and pick up from Xiloskalo, which may be of use at the end of a long day.

I think its good to use this forum for advice and other peoples comments, no matter how experienced a hiker, so thanks very much for your interest and reply.

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Re: Rousies to Omalos

by jan » 06 Aug 2018, 11:30

A few thoughts:

We have only done this walk in early June when hours of daylight aren't a major consideration. First thing is to check that you'll have enough light to get down to the Omalos if you encounter any delays along the way. As early a start as you can persuade your 4x4 driver to make would be a great help.

We've always found the descent from the Kallergi hut the least pleasant part of the walk - you're tired, the surface is rough underfoot and the descent always seems to take longer than you expect, specially if you have to slog across the plateau at the end. So staying at the hut overnight would make sense. though the attraction of a decent bed/shower/meal in one of the hotels has for us always overcome the disadvantages.

Yourproposed walking time is possibly a little short unless you plan no photo stops, snack/meal breaks and other distractions en route. You know your own capabilities, but I'd suggest 8hours from the end of the road ie before Roussies to the Kallergi hut is realistic if you factor in the above but keep moving at a reasonable pace. I don't think the map timings include any leeway - they're simply walking times suggested by people who know the way. Hence another reason for the early start.

I love this walk and I hope you enjoy it too. Good luck!

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Re: Rousies to Omalos

by Erno » 06 Aug 2018, 11:36

You can use this tool to check the daylight times in Sfakia for any date:


Be careful when it is cloudy.
All the best,


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