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Re: Walk Imbros-Kali Lakkoi-Skarfidakia-Mouri-Anopoli

by styacke » 06 Sep 2019, 07:38

Dear Jan , many thanks. I can see it on the Anavasi map but reckon your advice is best since we know how difficult it is to find a path out of a village. Our first evening task.
Re the dog just outside Limnia,if it the same one, we know it and it is very aggressive. It can't reach you if you walk to far right side, opposite its shed coming along the road from the Karvis gorge but its a close run thing and now maybe it can.We'll ask anyway. Sorry some folks got bitten - its a real beast. This is why I thought of the Thespata path slow but no dog, Thanks again.

jan wrote:The path is clearly shown on the Anavasi map but - in my opinion - is probably less clear on the ground. From the plateia, walk along the road towards Kambia and take the smaller road off left, uphill, as the 'main' road bends to the right. Pass the church at the top then wiggle left and right.

When we walked it, in the same direction as Lennert, we were of course heading downhill and able to spot the path ahead of us. I think it will be less obvious going uphill. If you're going to do the full walk up to Thesparta and onwards it might be worth a preliminary recce of an hour or so to save time on the day.

Limnia - this spring (2019) there were reports of walkers being bitten by a chained dog. If you do go that way it might be worth checking in the village first that the dog is no longer a danger.

Good luck


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