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Posted: 11 Nov 2016, 20:35
by mike

It both saddens and pleases me to report the passing, after almost 15 years of dependable service, of my old pair of Meindl® Ortler hiking boots. Sad, because we covered a lot of ground together, and I had become attached to them.

Pleased, because of the Christmas feeling that came with buying a new pair. Here they are together, the old-timers and the rookies:

A few more photos:



It will be a long 6 month wait before I can introduce the rookies to the rocky terrain of the Lefka Ori,

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Posted: 11 Nov 2016, 20:44
by Erno
Kαλόριζικό (kalórizikó) Mike! At least you have time enough to wear them in before trying them out in the Lefka Ori.

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Posted: 11 Nov 2016, 22:24
by Jean
I think all boot manufacturers should try out their products in the Lefka Ori. Mine certainly won't last 15 years - the toe caps are already shredded after 2!

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Posted: 12 Nov 2016, 21:08
by Yuriy
Mike - it's !!! !!! !!!


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Posted: 13 Nov 2016, 08:44
by Huck
Scarpa, Meindl, Salomon etc.

I don't think my hiking shoes have ever lived longer than max. 8 weeks.

After 3 weeks they begin to fall apart and I'll have to glue them and after another 4 - 5 weeks they are totally worn down.

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Posted: 14 Nov 2016, 11:17
by rambler
The answer to the rough Sfakian terrain is to take a pair of old non-waterproof boots that are no-good in our damp british climate & leave them behind in sunny Sfakia- in a waste bin of course!! I still have about 5 pairs left to sacrifice to Sfakia!

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Posted: 14 Nov 2016, 17:35
by mike
The 'shoe' part of these boots are made from only two pieces of leather (front of foot and heel ) stitched together. Ankle support section made from additional pieces. Double stitching throughout. Also, the soles are grade B/C. When I was shopping for the original pair these were recommended to me precisely for their durability.

The advice proved correct, and it was money well-spent. They're about the same price of an equivalent grade boot made with artificial fabrics and glue.

A replacement pair was difficult to find, though. Stitched leather boots apparently don't sell and stores in my area don't carry them (and none on sale anywhere in The Netherlands). I had to order from the Meindl factory, and waited 5 months for them to be delivered .. as Meindl had no more in stock and had to make a new batch.

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Posted: 14 Nov 2016, 18:28
by Michael
Hi Mike,
nice thread of you... :lol:
my previous Meindl boots survived only 2 years in Crete and during this time they had to be repaired in factory 3 times. :oops:
Now I'm happy with my second pair of Hanwag Yukon Wide which is the best boot I've ever had the chance to try.
Really twins!

Levka Ori kill boots...

But how you managed to walk 15 years with the same boots will remain a mystery to me. :mrgreen:
Best wishes


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Posted: 14 Nov 2016, 19:27
by Huck
Michael wrote:
... But how you managed to walk 15 years with the same boots will remain a mystery to me....

What boots are the Cretan shepherds wearing..?

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Posted: 14 Nov 2016, 21:01
by Erno
Traditionally, a Cretan shepherd was wearing the katsoúna (kατσούνα, cane), saríki (σαρίκι, turban), tsánda (τσάντα, bag) and stivánia (στιβάνια, leather boots).


Nowadays they are wearing the same kind of boots as hikers.