Hike across Crete in 28 days Share and discuss the many routes and paths in the mountains, along the coast, and on the plains of Sfakia. Post your walk description, add photos, and discuss safety. Use information at your own risk.

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Hike across Crete in 28 days

by Erno » 07 Apr 2016, 10:45

Hike across Crete in 28 days - 7 April, 2016


Luca Gianotti, an Italian who has studied Philosophy, has always been interested in hiking. He has been a guide since 1992 and now attempts to materialize hiking tourism in Crete, crossing the island within almost 28 days!

Luca Gianotti has made it real several times, and even managed — along with his friends — to mark the “Cretan Route,” an itinerary of 500 kilometers. He even published a book-map including the course which goes through villages, housing estates and a whole lot of Cretan nature.

Luca Gianotti has already scheduled 2 trips during 2016. The first trip is going to take place during April, and the second one during October. According to his plans, the participants will have to cross almost 20 km daily on the “Cretan Route,” starting from the beach of Kato Zakros in Siteia, and moving eastward.

Gianotti, along with his club and volunteers, will plan such partial trips every year, until he completes the Cretan Route.

From: http://greece.greekreporter.com/2016/04 ... n-28-days/
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Re: Hike across Crete in 28 days

by mike » 07 Apr 2016, 11:17

Most of it seems to be the official E4. Main deviations are in the middle of the island.

Here is a link to his own webpage.


You need to use the menu bar to get to relevant route descriptions.

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Re: Hike across Crete in 28 days

by Nick » 07 Apr 2016, 17:31

All I would say is that if he is moving eastward from Kato Zakros, it would be a wet trip ;)

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Re: Hike across Crete in 28 days

by robo » 07 Apr 2016, 21:41

This is a nice site that cover the E4 route: http://www.interkriti.org/crete/u/richard_ellis/


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