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Call for donations - waymarkings

by simon-1978 » 08 Mar 2016, 11:47

Hello everybody,

as some of you might know, I have been active in marking some sections of the E4 path in the White Mountains, especially the section between Katsiveli and Askifou. After having improved the markings between Livadha and Koutalas Seli last June (thank you very much for your support, Colin!), the last section between Koutalas Seli and Katastromeno cistern along the northern and eastern slopes of mount Kastro should be marked this spring.

The problem with the current E4 path is that it leads up (instead of down) from Koutalas Seli. It then traverses steep slopes in loose gravel high up on Kastro before reaching the ridge that finally leads down to Niato. A major problem is that snow drifts usually make the passage impossible (or dangerous) till June.


However an old path leading directly down from Koutalas Seli to Katastromeno cistern still exists (see Google earth photograph). During my stay in February, I already discussed this matter with the Chania mountaineering club (EOS). Our plan is to go up and mark this old path in Mid-May. The metal poles – we will need about 20 – 30 – already exist in Chania but they have to be carried up – and of course the concrete, water and other supplies. We will engage some (at least six) people for the respective week-end. The whole campaign will certainly be based on voluntary work. Due to the economic crisis with high unemployment, however, the people that will work up there have to be paid at least a small amount for this hard work. Additionally, the concrete (“ready mix”) and some other equipment have to be bought. In total, a sum of about 2000 Euros has been calculated for the whole campaign.

To cover these costs, I would like to ask you for donations. If you are able to support us – smaller donations are as welcome as higher ones, please contact me and I will send you my bank details.

You can see the current status here: ... 2417#p2417
(Sponsors will be shown or remain anonymous)

Thanks for your support

Best wishes


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