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Ilingis Gorge (Kavros Gorge), May 2019

by kokkinos vrachos » 07 Nov 2020, 12:58

Kalimera, I hiked through the Ilingis Gorge from top to bottom.

The descent into the gorge to the Timios Stavros chapel takes 15 minutes. Above are new red color markings.

The gorge is partly very narrow in the upper part. The narrow spots are a bit reminiscent of the narrow spot in the Imbros Gorge. You get on quickly and after 1 hour you come to the gravel road from Anopoli-Limnia, which leads into the gorge. There are two larger cisterns on the left. Were well filled.

Then we continue in the lower part of the gorge, where the two climbing spots come. There are 2 smaller climbing spots and two larger climbing spots. You have to look for a good spot and then carefully climb down.

The gorge keeps making curves and it continues downhill. Sometimes the gorge is narrow, sometimes wider. Unfortunately there is also a lot of rubbish in the lower part. Also very many skeletons of young goats.

After another 90 minutes you can see the sea for the first time. After 5 minutes the old kalderimi appears on the right and left side. The ascent from the Kalderimi to Chora Sfakion has broken away.

After 15 minutes the Chora Sfakion road comes to Anopoli, and a few minutes later you are at Ilingis Beach.

The many curves, the constantly changing width and the climbing spots make the Ilingis Gorge a little interesting. But it is annoying that you walk on gray gravel all the time (like in the Sfakion Gorge). That’s boring in the long run .....

In my top 5 gorges, the Ilingis Gorge didn't make it.

I got down at 12 noon and I was at Ilingis Beach at 4:20 p.m. RG approx. 3.50h. + 30 minutes break.

The tavern and the beach bar on Ilingis Beach were open and I hung out on the beach until sunset.

Ta Leme, kv
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