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Hike Peres (Askifou) - Psili Papoura - Imbros (October 2020)

by kokkinos vrachos » 07 Nov 2020, 12:49

Kalimera, a few days ago I walked the old connecting path (Monopati) from Peres (Askifou) over the plain / valley Psili Papoura to Imbros.

From Ammoudaria, go right after the dairy (before the Peres district) right into the street. Then you follow a rough gravel road. Unfortunately there is no signpost here. The rough gravel path narrows to a river bed, follow the river bed. After a few meters, go uphill to the right of a fence, here you leave the river bed. There are isolated red and blue markings here. It goes higher and higher through a wooded area. The river bed, or in the meantime a deep gorge, is now always on the right side. Every now and then the course is a little unclear, you have to search a little and look - for the blue markings.

After about 45 minutes you get back to the river bed of the gorge. The vegetation becomes less. Up to this point the path was in the shade, now there is sun. Follow the riverbed of the gorge for 15 minutes. Then be careful, here the river bed divides to the right and left, we continue to the left. Then another 15 minutes through the river bed - the gorge becomes wider and flatter - more of an open landscape. Maccia predominates here.

Then suddenly comes the plain of Psili Papoura, surrounded by mountains. There are some large trees here that are ideal for a break. There is also an old stone cistern / well (with a bucket) in the middle of the level. Crossing the plain is a relief for the feet, since you walk on grass, he previously walked on scree all the time. It's very peaceful and calm up here - just a few goats. The Psili Papoura plain is beautiful. After the Psili Papoura plain, follow a small gravel path, on the left there is another area with sheep. The small gravel path then becomes the wide monotonous gravel path that goes to Imbros. At 1 p.m. I was in Imbros. From here hitchhike back to Ammoudari / Askifou.

Conclusion: short interesting hike. In between unexpectedly a short gorge hike and the beautiful Psili Papoura plain. The Psili Papoura plain was the highlight for me.

Ta Leme, kv
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