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Path from Xyloskala to Gingilos.

Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 18:28
by rambler
Hello All, I have done this route about 3 times the last being May 2015 when we experienced a slightly airy bit between the arch & Linoseli Spring after there had been a landslide. If anyone has done this bit last year or even this year what's it like now?
Thanks Dave

Re: Path from Xyloskala to Gingilos.

Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 21:53
by Bobojnr
Hi Dave,

I was along the path in late September 2017 and found the part you mention okay and it was fairly busy on that day, I reckon I came across 30+ hikers which included one tour group. Whatever you experienced back in 2015 was repaired then. That said it has being a harsh winter there.

I realise you were hoping for a more recent report however as you had no replies I thought let you know.

If you do not get more up to date information here I suggest you try a similar request on


Re: Path from Xyloskala to Gingilos.

Posted: 30 Jul 2019, 22:34
by rambler
Thanks for the info Padraig. Dave