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Direct Ascent of Kedrokefala (1719m) along South-Ridge

Posted: 10 May 2019, 05:31
by Roland
Yesterday I rode on my bike from Anopoli on the road to Roussies, but instead of turning right after two kilometers I turned left and followed the dirt road to its circular end, where hundreds of bee-houses are installed. By foot I continued northwest, first in easy terrain with a lot of stones and goats. When I got close to the ridge (behind of which it goes steep down to one of the upper branches of the Aradena gorge) I climbed directly upwards, and it soon got quite steep. I found very old traces of a path - at least I think it were not animal traces, because it kind of zigzags up. But soon there were no more such tracks. I climbed up an almost vertical 5m-passage in excellent rock with good holds, quite exposed yet, and got on the easier ridge again. There I built a cairn to find this place, in case I should have to return. After that endless rocky ground followed with a lot of leaves and cones. Some scary vertical passages I avoided by going left or right. At about 1500m I found the very nice rocktower that I called "Mushroom" because of its form. Higher above I traversed quite exposed about hundred meters to the right and got in a narrow gorge, that leeds up to the plateau near Kedrokefala. There are some delicate passages in this gorge - but two hours after my start I reached Kedrokefala. Like the day before, there was a fast development of fog - eastwards I walked down in slippery terrain to the old mule path, that leads down to Gonia. From there I had to get my bike again... would have been a better idea to depose it further down...

Re: Direct Ascent of Kedrokefala (1719m) along South-Ridge

Posted: 11 May 2019, 14:58
by simon-1978
Thank you, Roland, for the description of this great walk. Probably, not many people have been there!

Best wishes