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Bike and hike to Kastro 2219m from Anopoli

Posted: 09 May 2019, 04:22
by Roland
Yesterday I biked from Anopoli to Skafidakia, altitude about 1250m, near Kefala.There I left my mountainbike and hiked northwards up to Kastro in my trailrunning shoes. No problem to avoid the snowfields by going sometimes left, sometimes right. After three and a half hour I stood on top of Kastro. Blue sky and clouds, almost no wind. For the descent I chose the East-face direction Niato - nice surfing in the snow, like on skis almost. Because of fog, that arouse immediately, it was not that easy to get the orientation. Via Trikoukia and Kali Lakkoi I got to my bike again (the last part of the path is strenuous - hard to find the right way). Conditions in the White Mountains are in my opinion excellent, if you are experienced in walking on snow - instead of loose rocks there are nice snowfields, and you do not sink in in the snow. For steeper slopes it is recommended to take a light ice-axe with you for security. I will for sure climb some other peaks of the Levka Ori in the next days.
Truck-Transport from Anopoli direction Roussies-Pachnes: At an altitude of about 1500m, cars are blocked because of snow in the curves above Agathopi.
By the way: Here a relive-film that was made of my ascent of Kastro: - open this page and then click the orange square to watch it...

Re: Bike and hike to Kastro 2219m from Anopoli

Posted: 09 May 2019, 05:01
by Jean
Wow, Roland, you are really into extreme sports! After reading your posting about paragliding down to Sweetwater Beach last autumn, and now this biking/hiking/skiing expedition with fabulous photographs, we wonder what you will do next!