Hike and Fly Thodori Korfi, 2317m Share and discuss the many routes and paths in the mountains, along the coast, and on the plains of Sfakia. Post your walk description, add photos, and discuss safety. Use information at your own risk.

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Hike and Fly Thodori Korfi, 2317m

by Roland » 06 May 2019, 09:13

On September 20th 2018 I walked in the early morning from Anopoli (590m) to Gonia on the dirt road, then took the old direct path through the forest to Sopata, continued on the dirt road a little while till Agathopi. There I left the road to the left. Some sticky plants first, afterwards nice loose rock, no problem. I traversed the slope westwards beneath the top of Chorafas Korfi and finally reached after three hours in the whole Thodori Korfi, 2317m - the southern pre-top of Thodori Korfi 2363. A nice smooth wind came up the plateau. I laid my paraglider on the ground, which I had prepared a week ago - I had thrown away all big stones, in which the small lines of my glider could hang in, that was a work of more than an hour. I opened all cells, controlled the lines, put on my windjacket and my helmet, installed my iPhone at the harness - ready for take-off. Please set your seats in the vertical position and refrain from smoking! I pull on the lines, the glider opens nicely, I look up for a short control, do some steps and am in the air alreay, yuppie!! From the air I give a phone-call to my friend, the baker Giannis Orfanoudakis, so that they can see me flying above Anopoli. With a lot of height I overfly the chapel of Agia Ekaterini - another very nice view down to the sea opens. More than a kilometer above Nera Glyka I can see the small beach, where I want to land. I have a lot of time an take plenty of pictures and films. Nice curves, the astonishing blue of the Libyan Sea, the steep rockcliff beneath me, poooh! There are turbulences above the beach, I have to fly some extra-curves, I park my glider on the beach, twenty meters away of a row of umbrellas. Wow - shortly after that I am swimming in the warm water. And have a beer and some nice food at the taverna.
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Re: Hike and Fly Thodori Korfi, 2317m

by Jean » 06 May 2019, 09:22

Wow! Amazing and scary!
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Re: Hike and Fly Thodori Korfi, 2317m

by Erno » 06 May 2019, 09:32

Thanks Roland. This is looking spectacular (tu)
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