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Winter stay on Crete ...

Posted: 05 Jan 2022, 10:47
by kokkinos vrachos
Kalimera, who plays with the thought of visiting Crete times in winter, should consider a few things.

I have spent the last few years and again one or two months in winter on the island. January in Frangokastello and November and March in Paleochóra. Currently I am on the island for 2 months. Only in Kalýves and now in Paleochóra.
Of course you can book a flight and accommodation with a booking platform, for a winter stay on Crete, there are some points to consider:

1. There are no (or barely) direct flights in winter to Crete. You have to fly over Athens. The flights are relatively expensive and the flights do not go every day.

2. The tourist resorts / resorts like Loutró, Agía Rouméli, Soúgia, Kalamáki, Balí etc. have completely closed in winter.
Places like Plakias, Almyrida and Georgioúpolis ... are closed at 95%.
In addition to the cities, places like Paleochóra, Agía Galini, Kalýves ... who are inhabited throughout the year are offered for a winter stay.

3. Most accommodations have closed in winter. The landlords are in Chania, Heraklion or Athens.
The best is when you are in Crete to look at already accommodation for the winter and make yourself smart.

4. The big sticking point in winter is and that should also be mentioned, the heating room in the accommodation.
The accommodations are the same as in summer, no insulation and super rarely a heating or oven / fireplace, apart from the AC, but they do not dow. From the temperatures it is often warmer outdoors than in the rooms.

Even if the sun is often shining during the day, it is mostly cold in the accommodation. As soon as the sun is gone, it cools off clearly. In the evening and at night it is also very cold here. Currently 5-8c. From 17.12. Until 23.12. has e.g. Regretted throughout, very uncomfortable weather. So from November to March, early April you need a heating room.

Some Cretefreakers rent an accommodation in Paleochóra every year in winter. Some for 5 months, others for 1-3 months. This year, it's just a handful. This is the campsite full. Heating is the big topic among the more winterer in Paleochóra. In which accommodation are you, how do you heat?

The best is of course if there is a stove / fireplace and you can heat a room beautifully. A pickup cargo full of olive wood costs 250 €.

The other possibility is to get a small radiant heater or what it is there so. They are not expensive and you get them in Paleochóra in the main street or in the synka supermarkets. Night part is that these things often consume a lot of electricity and at the long term rental of the current usually comes. The electricity price in Crete is higher than in Germany. The electricity price is currently 8ct / kWh in January 2022.

The Half-State Energy Tile Public Power Company (Dei) has increased the basic prices for consumers on 3.12.2021. Customers now need to pay eightyly percent in terms of consumption independently for the provision of electrical energy.

In the electricity price there was an increase of almost 300% compared to December 2020! ... iko-Kostos

There are also a few accommodations with heating (mostly in hotels in the cities of the north coast), as oil is very expensive in Crete, the accommodation with heating is also much more expensive. Currently the price of heating oil is 1,20 / L

Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​spending the winter in Crete should have the problem of accommodation / heating in mind.
Spend all winter or only 1-2 months on Crete is a dream, a beautiful deceleration. Almost every day blue sky ......

The long-term rent from November to March is very favorable in Crete (more than 300 € -450 € for a studio with kitchen should not pay for 1 month).

Kaló Chimónas, kv

Re: Winter stay on Crete ...

Posted: 05 Jan 2022, 17:38
by deadeggs
Thanks for the information. Your description is just as I thought it would be in winter.
Heating your accommodation is a major issue.
Also, if you don't speak Greek, your social life could be limited.
You either need to have lots of books with you to read or television with a satelite to get television from your country.
Winter storms and power cuts can leave you without electricity for days.
So either decide to live a rustic winter life in Crete or go south of the Equator where the sun is.
The Canary Islands can be a good winter destination or the Cap Vert islands.
The Canary Islands are in the European Community and you have no problems with health protection etc.
Happy New Year and happy winter holiday.

Re: Winter stay on Crete ...

Posted: 06 Jan 2022, 18:10
by kokkinos vrachos
Winter walking in Crete: ... g-in-crete

na se kala, kv