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How to... land a plane in an emergency

by Erno » 25 Feb 2016, 13:51

How to... land a plane in an emergency - 25 February, 2016
HIGHLY recommended :shock:


It is perhaps one of the worst nightmares of every passenger: the chance of something happening to your aircraft's pilots while flying.

But in case it ever happens, a pilot of Delta Airlines has created a ten-minute video which explains how to land a Boeing 737 safely. Most of the airplanes landing in Crete are of this type.

Using the originally-from-Microsoft game Flight Simulator, Tim Morgan explains in a step-by-step video how anyone can land a passenger jet on the ground. It explains in detail, along with the pictures, how to land the plane, pointing out what role the countless buttons, dials, knobs, and meters in a cockpit have and what they do. "The good news is that the plane will probably have an advanced autopilot that can execute most of the landing for you," says Morgan, adding "The bad news is that the actual landing has to be done by yourself and every cockpit in any aircraft is going to be different, so you can not know exactly where to look to find the things you need."

Morgan says calmly that the first thing you should do as a passenger would be to contact the control tower and to inform them about the situation by pressing the appropriate key as shown. When a passenger warns the control tower, most likely he or she will be given instructions for the altitude and the course of the aircraft. Morgan then explains carefully where the main buttons in the cockpit are located and how to ensure that the aircraft follows the instructions.

Speed ​​is the next thing to check. By controlling the altitude, inclination and air velocity the helping passenger will lead the plane in the final approach to the runway at a safe speed and glide path for a soft landing, he says. Of course, this is only the easy part .... The trickiest part of any flight is the landing itself.

Watch the video once or twice, until you get the hang of it!
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