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Sfakia report, Nov. 3-4, wedding

by Jean » 04 Nov 2018, 20:11

The weather has continued to be very warm and sunny, so Saturday many people headed for the beaches.

The main event on Saturday was the wedding of Sifis Amiras and Poppy Kourkouni, combined with the baptism of their son Pandelis, in Vrisses. The tradition here is that family or friends fire off guns as the groom leaves his house for the church, and Sifis certainly got a loud and long send-off. There was brilliant music at the wedding reception provided by Georgos Mangelakis and his group, and a dancing display by one of the Chania Sfakian performing groups, before the guests took to the dance floor with gusto.


I was told that back in Sfakia, only the Lefka Ori restaurant stayed open so it was completely full, but with no locals driving around on mopeds or engaging in shouted conversations, even that end of the village was peaceful. Late diners spotted a large seal catching a fish in the harbour next to the restaurant – a very rare occurrence.

Sunday morning was also very quiet, since many people attending the wedding got back to Sfakia after 3am. The locals gradually emerged, relaxing in the cafes and tavernas and engaging in lively discussions. Motorcylcists zoomed up and down the road to Anopoli, and a bus-load of Cretans descended on the village as part of an end of season excursion.

It was partly cloudy in the afternoon, but the sun emerged bright and red before sunset. Tonight, some locals are clearly celebrating the end of the season.


On Friday, the Samaria ferryboat arrived here from Gavdos and has been docked alongside the Dasklogiannis in the new harbour all weekend. The burning question is which of the ferries will do the scheduled run tomorrow.

both car ferries in new harbour.jpg

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