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Sfakia report, Nov. 2nd

by Jean » 03 Nov 2018, 08:21

It was another beautifully sunny, summery day. Mid-morning a few of us went to Frangokastello for a quiet swim. It was such a treat to have all the beach entirely to ourselves – all we could hear was the sea lapping gently on the shore. We were very glad we brought sun umbrellas as it was already very hot in the sun.

empty beach at Frangokastello.jpg
small beach and palm trees at Frangokastello.jpg

When we arrived back in Sfakia some of the staff at the Livikon were having an impromptu football game in the cleared area outside their restaurant.

street football.jpg

In the early afternoon, Wiltrud and I drove up the road with hair-pin bends from Kapsodasos to Kalikratis. It was warm and sunny up there (22C), and we ate one of Janina’s wonderful salads in the shade, gazing out over the green fields and mountains, and listening to the local shepherds conversing over coffee and lemonade. As we left Kalikratis, a thin band of clouds slowly slid over the mountains above the village.

In Kalikratis.jpg

On the way back, we were pleased to find the Asfendou café still open and stopped for a mug of mountain tea. The owners say they will keep the café open for about another month. At the top of the ridge after Asfendou, we stopped to admire the unusual view of mist drifting over the Imbros valley below us, with trees silhouetted against the mist as the sun dropped lower in the sky.

trees in the mist.jpg
evening mist above Imbros.jpg

We arrived back in Sfakia just in time for sunset; several locals were fishing at dusk.

fishing at sunset.jpg

Marie and Andrew
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Re: Sfakia report, Nov. 2nd

by Marie and Andrew » 07 Nov 2018, 19:11

Thanks Jean for all your reports.
It is so nice to read what is happening in the Sfakia area now when we are back home in Sweden again.
We read that you and Wiltrud drove up on the therror road to Kalekrates. As we told you we have driven it ones up, and never again.

Please send more reports of how the village is winding down after the busy season. It was so strange to see the empty Samaria restaurant and all the chairs on the lorry going away.
Thanks for the report of Sifis wedding as well, lovely to see.

Best regards
Andrew and Marie

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