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Sfakia report, Oct. 31st ¬– Nov. 1st

by Jean » 01 Nov 2018, 14:20

The last day of October started off partly cloudy and humid, but then it turned into a glorious summery day, wonderful for swimming or stretching out on the beach. Some of the mats were removed at the Faros café roof so that they can offer both sun and shade now that it’s not blazing hot.

Stavros on roof.jpg

There was a truck parked in the plateia collecting cooking oil for recycling – businesses keep their old oil in special barrels and the company collects it every two weeks, year-round, to make into bio-fuel. Several women told me that in former times, households used such oil as the basis for home-made soap, to which they stirred in various ingredients and then poured the mixture into forms to dry into soap cakes.

recycling cooking oil.jpg

The evening was warm, and the sunset was beautiful. The Daskalogiannis quietly slid into port in the dark on its last daily journey of the season. This occasion is usually marked by some small celebration (e.g. blowing the ship’s horn loudly, firing a gun from the bow of the ferry), but this year to our surprise one of the bus tour operators left off some colourful fireworks in the parking area.

the Daskalogiannis.jpg

The first morning of November was beautifully warm, and the sky was crystal clear over the mountains.

With the Daska docked in the new harbour until its scheduled winter runs on Monday and Tuesday, the taxi boats and the Sweetwater boat carried people to Loutro and further.

The Livikon-Samaria restaurant was being deconstructed and cleaned this morning, leaving a large empty space in the middle of the front street. The workers are happy to be finished for the season after 7 months of working every single day, and this afternoon many were catching up on their sleep, fishing, or just relaxing with friends. Ombrosgialos also decided to close today.

chairs and tables on pick-up.jpg

It was quite hot in the morning (23C in the shade), so I drove up to Anopoli to enjoy the slightly lower temperature up there. On the way up, about eight griffon vultures slowly circled low over the bend above Sweetwater, and goats were stretched out along the shady spots on the road. The mountains were clear, fields were yellow with buttercups, and the view down to Loutro and up to Agia Ekaterini church from beyond Kambia were worth the walk.

Anopoli and the Lefka Ori.jpg
Ag. Ekaterini.jpg
Loutro from above.jpg

Back down in the heat of Sfakia, swimming was the best option. There is now a lovely breeze keeping us all comfortable.

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