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Sfakia report, Oct 28th, Oxi Day

by Jean » 28 Oct 2018, 20:39

It was a partly cloudy morning with a slight breeze, just right for the Oxi Day celebrations (marking when the Greek government rejected Mussolini’s ultimatum to let Italian troops enter Greece during WWII). The commemorations started with a church service, followed by a parade of the local school children, the laying of wreathes at the memorial by the ruined fort, and speeches. Afterwards, large numbers of people descended to the seafront for refreshments.

at the memorial.jpg
wreaths at memorial.jpg

The morning clouds hung over Anopoli most of the afternoon, but it got sunnier along the coast. There was still a breeze, which blew ribbons of plane trails into interesting patterns.

windy plane trails.jpg

The sunset was impressive, although there was no afterglow tonight. With the clocks changing last night, the Daskalogiannis ferry glided into Sfakia with its lights on this evening.

the Daska with lights on.jpg

The Xenia restaurant is now closed, and although there are plenty of tourists around, there is an end-of-season feel now, with locals and staff relaxing in the evening at the cafes and restaurants.

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