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Sfakia report, Oct 27th

by Jean » 27 Oct 2018, 20:24

The weather was perfect today.

Very early in the morning, I spotted what looks like an oil or gas rig being transported out to sea, slowly travelling south and to the east of Gavdos.

We drove friends to Chania today and stopped to admire the emerald green plateau at Askifou, with the Lefka Ori mountain range rising above it in the clear blue skies.

Askifou plateau.jpg
Lefka Ori from Askifou.jpg

Chania is still very busy with tourists, and it was hot and sunny there.

Back in Sfakia, all the sunbeds and umbrellas have been removed from Vrissi beach. While swimming this evening I noticed a small boat piled high with sunbeds coming from Sweetwater beach.

David and Jan Authers took this photo of a car that had gone off the road in Livaniana, with a shrine erected in thanks that no one was injured.

car in Livaniana.jpg

This evening there was a sizeable bank of clouds out to sea, but we still had an interesting sunset sky.

Gavdos before sunset.jpg
the blue hour.jpg

And Bettina Bonin sent this photo of the moon rising over Sfakia this evening.


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