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Sfakia report, Oct 26th, Orthi Ammo

by Jean » 27 Oct 2018, 08:13

After our walk down the Imbros Gorge (see previous posting), we drove to Frangokastello, but since a bus-load of hikers were already spread across the beach, we decided to continue on to Orthi Ammo. The view of the Lefka Ori mountains was clear and impressive from the curve before the beach.

The White Mountains.jpg
the Daska returning at sunset.jpg

The white and red cliffs over Orthi Ammo beach glowed in the afternoon light, and the Paximadia Islands were also fairly clear, as was the coastline behind them. Several families were enjoying the beach, and children were rolling down the sand dunes. We were pleased to find that there are still some sea daffodils blooming in the dunes. The sea was lovely and warm.

Venetian fortress at Frangokastello.jpg
sea daffodils.jpg

We were treated to another beautiful sunset.

sun setting in sea.jpg
Orthi Ammo beach.jpg

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