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The village of Kallikratis, Sfakia, proclaimed as martyr village

by Erno » 15 Sep 2018, 08:31

The village of Kallikratis, Sfakia, proclaimed as martyr village - 15 September, 2018
Announced on 3 October with Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Greek President


The official proclamation will take place at an event on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 at 11am at the Memorial of Kallikratis.

The event will be honoured with the presence of the President of the Greek Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos. The event is under the auspices of the Municipality of Sfakia.

According to a communiqué issued by the Municipality of Sfakia, "if it was possible to give another name to the village of Kallikratis, we could call it the village of the Great, Endless and Battering history".

Kallikratis is a unique case in Greece, perhaps even in the world. It suffered four Holocausts over the years:

* On 26 April, 1770, after the Daskalogiannis Revolution
* On 15 July, 1821, at the outbreak of the Greek Revolution
* On 13 December 1866, the first year of the Great Cretan Revolution
* On 8 and 11 October 1943, by a barbaric occupation of the German army

In Kallikratis, wherever you look, you touch, a stone on the side of the street, a house wall, a branch of a perennial tree, all are dripping blood. The blood of the people slaughtered in the four holocausts, the blood of its people, given generously to its homeland, the dozens of revolutions for freedom, independence and the Union of Crete with Greece. The words revolution - refugee are inseparably linked to the Kallikratians".

Moral justification

In the municipality of Sfakia's announcement it is emphasized that the proclamation of Kallikratis as a martyr village constitutes "moral justification". It is noted that "the participation of the inhabitants in all the revolutions concerning the period of the Venetian and Ottoman domination is historically documented. In the glorious Macedonian struggle, Kallikrates participated with six victims of chieftains. In the Balkan wars of 1912-13, in the First World War, in the Asia Minor campaign, Kallikratis declares present and numbers dozens of dead. In World War II, from 8 to 11 October 1943, one of the most serious crimes of the Third Reich was committed on a pan-European level. A regular army of Nazi Germany with its associates gave a life sentence based on a well organized plan to 31 civilians, including ten women. At the same time, the German occupation army plundered the dwellings, removing agricultural and livestock products, weaving and valuable items. It then burned all the houses, while declaring the area a dead zone. All the days of the disaster, the religious feeling of the inhabitants was defrauded, since men of the regular German and "Christian" army seized the sacred vessels and vestments of the church of the Virgin Mary, corrupted and burned the sacred icons, arrested and tortured the priest of the village, priest Sifis Papadisifos. Kallicrates sank into mourning. Nazi brutality permanently sealed the place and life of those who survived. On 3 October 2018, Kallikratis will be proclaimed a martyr village of the years 1941-1944 and is included in the network of martyr villages in Greece. An moral justification of the timeless struggles and sacrifices of its inhabitants. The state partially redeems its debt."

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Re: The village of Kallikratis, Sfakia, proclaimed as martyr village

by Wolfgang » 03 Oct 2018, 19:14

Today in Kallikratis was the proclamation as martyr village.
The Greek President was there, popes, high soldiery, other vips and dozens of policemen and bodyguards.
Following the president and his followers came to Chora Sfakion for dinner in the Livicon/Samaria restaurants.
The traffic jams in the villages had been very interesting experiences.

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Re: The village of Kallikratis, Sfakia, proclaimed as martyr village

by deadeggs » 04 Oct 2018, 08:19

Nice to see the respect given to the village and its people. May the village and its martyrs never be forgotten and may the future generations honor and respect the eternal memory it deserves.

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Re: The village of Kallikratis, Sfakia, proclaimed as martyr village

by sethuk » 05 Oct 2018, 13:25

Good day to all..
The following will be of interest to many. {Google translation not brilliant but better than my attempt}
Best wishes to all
Seth @--@

The Speech at Kallikratis by Prokopis Pavlopoulos, President of Greece

"Mr. Mayor,

Is distinct honor for me, the proclamation me in the capacity me as President of the Republic, to Honorary Citizen of the Municipality Sfakia. And I have debt to point out that the presence of me today here, so n ' pay from public the imposed tax value in memorythe victims of the atrocities that took place in Tutu t ' Holy and Witness soil of Crete, the Oktovrio tou 1943 with touches deeply. I want to underline the fact that the State, with the proclamation of Kallikratis in testimony Village, fulfilling, even and with delaymany years, a real debt value not only against the victims that the atrocities of the Nazis and the families themselves, but opposite in itself the history of Place our. Because the Historical memory constitutes term survival of a Nation.

. Taking the things from the beginning, Let me n ' talk, even by the few, the History of Kallikratis:

A. According to the tradition, the Kallikratis got t ' name of of the droungarios Manousos Kallikratis, one of the last defenders of Byzantium by which, in 1453, with 1500 men and five ships, he led a heroic campaign for the defense of the City of theirOttomans.

B. The Kallikratis has burned four times by Turks, Venetians and German and has a long tradition of participation in liberation struggles. Specifically:

1. During the great Cretan Revolution of 1867, Turkish forces under the command of Omer Pasha, tried, unsuccessfully, to invade in Sfakia from the Kallikratis.

2. At the beginning of the 20th century, several Kallikratinoi volunteers with chieftains of C. Dikonymo-Makris, E. Kaoudi, E. Ben and Av. Vrana, took part in the Macedonian Struggle (1904-1908), showing high activity.

3. During the period of German occupation, partisan forces had installed a radio in the cave Anemospilios, close to Kallikratis. The wi-turbot George Psychountakis, the book of "The Cretan Runner," states that had stayed hidden in the cave that, the spring of 1942,assisted by the locals.

II. On 4 Oktovriou 1943 in place Tzilivdika Kali Sykia Rethymno, group Kallikratianon came confronted with quote Germans them whom they killed.

A. The Germans made a terrible reprisals against the inhabitants of Kali Sykia. Someone did not stand and betrayed that the Kallikratans were responsible .

B. In the sequel, the paramilitary group of Fritz looted and burned the village, he executed 31 people in retaliation for the participation of local people in the Resistance against the Nazis.

III. Marking today the sacred memory of the victims of martyrdom Site you see, for the umpteenth time, that for us, the Greeks, the Freedom is an existential principle and, therefore, a way of life. That the truth must be to know everyone.

A. The Greece belongs to the European Union and even the hard core of, the Eurozone. Behaves in international political life with absolute respect to the European and the International Law, the whole of them. It is that power that works for the Peace and the Development of boththe proximal region of the Balkans and of South-East Europe, as and in the wider context of the European Union.

B. Except, however, if necessary, we, the Greeks, we are ready to defend effectively the borders and the territory of the Fatherland us, which are also borders and the territory of the European Union. And this will be the doing always in terms unbroken unity, given that the HistoryShe has taught that the large and important -and especially the Gentile our Stochous- them achieve together. While the division and the division we have cost dearly, yet not and sections of the National Our Core. Such tragic mistakes not be understood to the repeat. And nowill the repeat.

IV. Within in this the context Sacred Memory -and away from any sense of retaliation, which is totally foreign to us, their Ellines- we incorporate and the against the German legal claims us for the occupation loan and of the overall compensation of the German Nazi occupation.As I have repeatedly emphasized, are as above claims we are always legally active -pragma which means that there arises no matter paragrafis- and judicially enforceable. And the common our European Legal Culture requires the relevant decision to the received competent Judicial Forum, withbased on the total of aid in respect International Law. The position that is now, literally National and, in consequence, non-negotiable.

V. The Nazi atrocity that was committed in Kallikratis emits, however, SOS and as to the risks that entails for the current Europe, but it and the rest of the world, the resurgence of populist or and neo-Nazi political formations.

A. These should n ' tackled with determination and effectiveness of the European Union and to Europe's peoples that the up. Mainly, we need to eliminate the causes that give rise to the emergence and development of such phenomena, with main the severe social inequalities and manyconsequences they have for the cohesion of European societies.

B. It is crucial, therefore, important to defend the Social State of Law in the context of the European Union. We, indeed, the Greeks, who lived recently a great economic -and not mono crisis, we know well the value of the Social State of Law and we are willing to thedefend against those who criticize today in the necessity of. Simultaneously it, we are determined to defend the European edifice against all those, that are apergazontai the undermining of , and in the end, the demolition of.

Mr. Mayor,

Departing from the historic and beautiful Kallikratis, with the great value that generous hand-outs to face me as President of the Republic, I want to you confirm that what I have set out will be decisive significance index course in the exercise of duties to me. In addition, I take with me,the intellectual constructs luggage me the best memories of the outstanding hospitality that my reservation for the which and again deeply you thank you. "

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