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Enhancement of the Anopoli cultural landscape

by Erno » 31 Jul 2018, 15:42

Enhancement of the Anopoli cultural landscape - 31 July, 2018


Within the framework of the synergy of the Municipality of Sfakia with the White Mountain Management Authority, the Chania Antiquities Conservancy and the Region of Crete, with the purpose of Research and development of networks for the visitation and promotion of the cultural landscape in the Municipality of Sfakia on July 27th the first investigation of the dynamics of the areas around Anopoli.

The team of Professor Nikos Skoutelis (architects and topographers) escorted by President Michalis Athitakis visited the village, the Seiméni residence and ancient Anopolis with the Ottoman watchtower [κουλέ]. The aim of the actions that will follow will be the organic connection of the sites with the E4 path, along with the activation of the inland area of ​​Sfakia in the walking tourism.

From: http://www.sfakia.gr/el/municipality/an ... E%B7%CF%82
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