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Upcoming snow forces shepherds to take measures

by Erno » 13 Jan 2016, 16:04

Upcoming snow forces shepherds to take measures - 13 January, 2016


According to the medium-term forecast of the Centre of Meteorological Applications (KE.M.E.) of EL.G.A [Greek Agricultural Insurance Organization], on Saturday 16 January there will be a deterioration in the weather in Crete.

It noted a drop in temperature combined with rain, storms and snowfall in mountainous and hilly areas. These phenomena should begin to subside by Tuesday 19 January.

The branch of ELGA Heraklion recommended taking measures to protect livestock (transfer to lower altitudes, put extra feed for the case of entrapment, take care for heating equipment for the flocks, etc.)

Also, due to the expected rainfall, the period preceding the deterioration is considered suitable for the application of winter fertilization on tree crops.

From: http://flashnews.gr/post/256069/elga-er ... gia-ta-zwa
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