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Up to 40 degrees in Crete the coming days

by Erno » 20 Jul 2018, 09:43

Up to 40 degrees in Crete the coming days - 20 July, 2018


High temperatures are expected to occur across Crete, due to a fairly hot air mass that will pass through the lower atmosphere of Crete, moving from the coasts of North Africa.

This hot invasion will begin to affect Crete gradually from tomorrow's Saturday, it will peak on Sunday and Monday and will gradually recede from Tuesday, then restoring a lower temperature range that will bring back surface temperatures to better and almost normal for the season levels.

The weather will remain good for the next few days with sunshine dominating and contributing to the warming, especially in areas of the island's interior where the winds will be weak. For tomorrow Saturday the temperatures will range from 33 to 35° C in the northern parts of western Crete, 31 to 33° C in the eastern parts and 35 to 37° C in the inland and southern regions of the island.

On Sunday, temperatures will rise to higher levels with average fluctuations between 34 to 36⁰C, while local temperatures will exceed 38⁰C.

Monday is expected to be the hottest day for Crete with the minimum temperatures in the morning hours above 26 degrees Celsius in most areas, while the maximum will average 35 to 37 degrees Celsius and are expected to reach locally 40° C.

Tuesday's dawn will be just as hot, but gradual retreat of hot gas will likely help lower peak values ​​during the day. From Wednesday it is expected that the high temperatures will drop and will go back to almost normal for the season.

In many areas, particularly close to coastal zones as well as in areas with altitude, increased moisture levels will play a much more important role in the degree of discomfort, especially in the evening hours, compared to other areas where, although temperatures are higher, due to of the low moisture content the conditions will be more tolerable.

On the wind side , it is not expected to be particularly intense in the whole of Crete during the weekend, except in the eastern regions of Lasithi where the NW winds will arrive at midday hours at 5 to 6 Bft with weakness in the evening hours. In the rest of Crete, the winds will range from 2 to 3 Bft and at midday hours up to 4 Bft. On Monday, however, it is expected that the western winds will be strengthened in the western and southern parts of the island and this requires special attention for the situation at sea as well as the expansion of a fire on the land.

From: http://www.haniotika-nea.gr/ipsiles-the ... drargiros/
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