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New tools to protect the Samaria National Park

by Erno » 13 Jul 2018, 12:55

New tools to protect the Samaria National Park - 13 July, 2018


New tools for protecting the national park of Samaria and the White Mountains in general and preserving their biodiversity are being developed through the European research program ECOPOTENTIAL, in which Greece participates with three partners.

As part of the project, a map of marine coastal habitats has been mapped into the coastal zone of the National Park, the study was carried out to investigate changes in the Alpine mountainous area and interesting findings related to the local climatic conditions expected to be presented at a conference . In addition, there is a study of rare and endemic species such as Podarcis cretensis lizard, which is mainly found in Western Crete while in Lefka Ori there is a significant population. In fact, the Samaria national park is the only study area in Greece under the program, which includes 23 other protected areas in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. From Greece, the Hellenic Center for Research and Technology Development (CERTH) and ARATOS Technologies A are participating in the program of the Hellenic Research and Technology Development Foundation (, the Hellenic Research and Technology Development Foundation (HEI) E. whereas, The Managing Authority of the Samaria National Park also cooperates. According to FORTH researcher Dimitris Poursanidis, who is studying the White Mountains region, "ECOPOTENTIAL ( is sponsored by the European Union Horizon 2020 (Horizon 2020). It is the largest work in the field of the environment with the participation of 50 operators from all over Europe, including 24 Protected Areas as study areas in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Greece participates with three partners, the Laboratory of Physics and Applications in the Urban and Natural Environment ( of the Foundation for Research & Technology - FORTH, CERTH and the private company ARATOS Technologies SA. The project, as the ultimate goal, is the use of satellite observations and field data for use in ecological models and the creation of services for better management of protected areas. "

Studies and Conclusions


Asked about the findings and conclusions so far, Mr. Pursinidis explains that "the mapping of marine coastal habitats in the coastal zone of the park by the Laboratory of Physical and Physical Surveillance and Applications in the Urban and Natural Environment (http: // rslab .gr) using satellite data, in the area between Hora Sfakia and the Gulf of Phoenix as there are significant posidonia meadows (p.: Posidonia meadows are commonly called seascapes of the sea. the most quasi coastal marine ecosystem in the Mediterranean but also in global climates - next to the coral formations). The results were published in a scientific journal. The study has been completed to investigate the existence of a treeline change in the alpine zone of the White Mountains with particularly interesting results, such as the fact that from 1945 to the present, there is a stability in the tree-dwelling (tree-dredging is the highest point in a mountain can grow a tree which has a height of 2 meters before the tree is the forestry that characterizes the zone that a forest can grow as a compact mass after which the area of ​​the tree begins), which is in contradiction with other studies from other regions of Europe and Asia. The findings are related to local climatic conditions but also to the change in the use of forests from a source of building materials and heating to abandonment and densification. The results will be presented at the conference of the Hellenic Ecological Society to be held in Heraklion, Crete, in October ". Finally, he adds that "a number of studies are under way by looking at rare and endemic species such as the endemic lizard Podarcis cretensis." All results will feed into conservation and conservation plans for the biodiversity of the Samaria National Park.

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