Sfakia report, May 5-6th Everything you want to ask, read or write about Sfakia, southwest Crete, or Crete island in general.

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Sfakia report, May 5-6th

by Jean » 06 May 2018, 03:51

The sea was rough again on Saturday, running from the SW, causing smaller boats to nearly disappear in the wave troughs and making swimming at Vrisi beach tricky. The ferries had to take on passengers in the new harbour once again. There was a steady breeze and clear skies all day, and the temperature was delightful.

sailboat riding waves.jpg

In the evening, a wedding (of Greek outsiders) took place at the little St. George’s church next to the Xenia. The groom’s party arrived with car horns blaring from Ilingas, with the groom jumping out of the back of a pick-up truck clutching the bouquet for his bride. The bride’s party processed down the front street, led by three musicians. After the service, their dinner reception was held at the Ilingas taverna. About 5:30 Sunday morning some gun shots signalled the end of the party.

groom arriving in pick-up.jpg
bride led by musicians.jpg

Today is our last day in Sfakia this time. I’m hoping the sea will be calm enough for a final swim – so far I’ve managed to swim every day since the beginning of April and don’t want to break the pattern.

We had hoped to see several on-going Sfakia projects finished before leaving – a new faros (lighthouse) for the old harbour, the new business opening on the back street, renovation of the apartment over the hairdressers, and the new toilet block being built by the buses (just a concrete and brick shell at the moment)

toilets by buses.jpg

But we’ll have to wait until next time, or for reports on these and other developments by someone else. If you have time when visiting the area, please post information and photos for those of us who are not lucky enough to be in Sfakia.

Till October…

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Re: Sfakia report, May 5-6th

by Erno » 06 May 2018, 08:46

The renovation/ rebuilding of the public toilets was needed...



From: http://flashnews.gr/post/348843/xeirote ... fakia-fwto

Thank you very much Jean for all your wonderful reports from Sfakia (tu) They made me feel a bit like being there, in the past month.
All the best,

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Re: Sfakia report, May 5-6th

by Birgitta » 06 May 2018, 11:16

I will also thank you for all report and all wunderful pictures! Hugs.
Birgitta from north of Sweden

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Re: Sfakia report, May 5-6th

by arnulf » 06 May 2018, 20:58

Thank you so much for Your very good reports and beautyful pictures - again!!

Hope You got Your swim today!! And what a drama on the last day!! The Neptune saved by brave Sfakians!!

All the best from Norway


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