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Sfakia report, April 22nd, Selouda

by Jean » 23 Apr 2018, 08:24

It was a crystal-clear morning, with the sea bright blue in the sunshine. But there was a cool breeze that made it slightly uncomfortable in the shade.

We drove up beyond Aradena and took the lower dirt road towards Selouda. The two old churches at Agios Ioannis were just visible from the footpath where we left the car, with Zaranokefala towering overhead. There were few flowers out except for dragon arums, and some interesting seed pods.

Zaranokefala Ag Ioannis churches.jpg
Biscutella seed pods.jpg
snail seed pod.jpg

When we reached Selouda, we had it all to ourselves and enjoyed the silence and scenery. The greenhouses near Paleohora were a faint white smudge far down the coast, but Volakias, high above Agia Roumeli, was clear against the cloudless sky.

view from Selouda.jpg

A lone back-packer made his way up the kaldirimi as we sat admiring the view, and after we left, three more hikers passed us heading for Roumeli.

hiker on Selouda kaldirimi.jpg

On the way back, we stopped in Aradena to see if the delphiniums were blooming, but the most advanced plants probably still need a week before coming into flower. We walked around the ruins, and stopped to look at the ancient kaldirimi leading down and up the gorge.

Aradena ruins.jpg
Aradena kaldirimi.jpg

Back in Sfakia, the wind had quietened down, and it was a lovely, soft evening.

Gavdos after sunset.jpg

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Re: Sfakia report, April 22nd, Selouda

by arnulf » 23 Apr 2018, 11:39

Thank You for Your reports - again!

Very nice to see all these familar places!!

I will be in the region in 6 weeks!!

All tthe best


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Re: Sfakia report, April 22nd, Selouda

by Birgitta » 23 Apr 2018, 12:16

Thank you for beatiful photos!

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Re: Sfakia report, April 22nd, Selouda

by Mihalis » 23 Apr 2018, 12:31

great report and wonderful pictures. keep them coming and enjoy!

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Re: Sfakia report, April 22nd, Selouda

by kiki » 24 Apr 2018, 15:23

Thanks for the beautiful fotos and informative reports ! On 29. 4. we will arrive in Sfakia , we are enjoying :)

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