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The new Spatial Plan for the roads, airports and ports of Crete

by Erno » 15 Nov 2017, 12:50

The new Spatial Plan for the roads, airports and ports of Crete - 15 November, 2017

The structure of basic transport infrastructure networks throughout Crete

The revised Spatial Planning of Crete defines the completion of the upgrade of the Northern Road Axis (BOAK) of Crete from Kastelli Kissamou to Sitia, which became the Law of the State. A further aim is the acceleration of the implementation of the Southern Road Axis (NOAK) in Crete from Pahia Ammos to Rethymnon, and the creation of connections of the BOAK and NOAK with the new airport in Kastelli/ Heraklion, when it is built.

Also in terms of airports, there is talk of "co-operation" of the two international airports of Heraklion and Chania until the new airport in Kastelli/ Heraklion is implemented, in order to unload Heraklion airport and to rationalize (i.e. shift) the distribution of arrivals / departures of visitors to a larger geographical area on the island. The airport of Chania is already in advanced procedures for expanding its facilities and upgrading.

With regard to the ports, it is planned to strengthen the competitiveness of the ports of Heraklion and Chania for the cruise ships, to strengthen the port of Heraklion for the containers and to maintain the development of a cargo port in Tympaki, refocusing on bunkering and supporting the planned natural gas and oil pumping and transport facilities from the "oil plots" of southern Crete.

An expansion is proposed for the existing passenger ports of intra-regional scope, Paleochora and Agia Galini, with Chora Sfakion, Gavdos, and Sougia.

From (with all the details): ... ia-limania
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Re: The new Spatial Plan for the roads, airports and ports of Crete

by Chris-Scone » 15 Nov 2017, 17:42

I hope the development is kind to Crete. To kill the 'golden goose' would be awful and irreversible. Crete is charming just the way it is, whether you prefer the north or south coast; the balance is about right. As the Americans would say, 'If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it'.

Why welcome the cruise ships? Their passengers spend little when they swarm ashore and mostly eat on onboard. Might earn some money for the harbour authority, but small businesses?

Just my view.

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