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Sfakia report, Oct 5th

by Jean » 06 Oct 2017, 07:07

Early yesterday morning as I walked around to the new harbour, the blossoming tamarisk trees were alive with the humming of bees. Camped next to the diving center were interesting visitors, Argentinians who have been travelling round the world by motorcycle, with badges from all the countries they have visited stuck on it. After touring Crete, they plan to go to Italy and Malta. (https://www.porsiemprelamoto.com/)

motorcycle with country badges.jpg

It was a perfect, hot and sunny day with enough of a breeze for the moored yacht in the new harbour to take to the sea in full sail.

Sfakia from new harbour.jpg
sailboat leaving.jpg

We drove down to Kato Rodakino and around to Polyrizo to enjoy a quiet swim and lunch with views to the mountains over Plakias. There were sea daffodils (Pancratium maritimum) blooming in the sand at the side of the road there – they also can be found at Orthi Ammo beach next to Frangocastello.

sea daffodils at Polyrizo.jpg
sea daffodil.jpg

On the way back into Sfakia we drove up to Dodeka Apostoli church at the top of the village to see how the renovations are going – the walls and roof have been re-rendered inside and out, and we look forward to seeing how much of the old interior will be reinstated when they finish it. We hope they will also secure the bell tower, which is very cracked and in a precarious condition.

12 Apostles church renovation.jpg

The evening was very warm and still, good for watching the sunset and the full moon rising.

full moon rising.jpg


Re: Sfakia report, Oct 5th

by rick » 06 Oct 2017, 11:36

Wow, the photos just get better and better.
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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 5th

by Betsy » 06 Oct 2017, 16:36

The Pancartium Maritimum are lovely along the stretch of road from Korakas Beach to Polyrizos. They bloom for most of the year, and are profuse on the dune on the right hand side of the road just after you leave Korakas for Polyrizos.

The beach at Polyrizos is a lovely spot to have a swim, and the hamlet has three good tavernas. I am sure you had a good trip yesterday Jean. Thank you for sharing your news with us.

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Re: Sfakia report, Oct 5th

by Lennert » 06 Oct 2017, 20:57

Thank you Jean. Nice to have your reports again. Best regards Lennert DK

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