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African dust is coming to you

by Erno » 17 Dec 2015, 11:34

African dust is coming to you - 17 December, 2015

African dust over Sfakia

African dust, which so often visits Crete, colouring the sky red, and also the cars and streets during the rain, now is coming to Western Europe.


The Met Office said the mild southerly airflow currently affecting the UK brings an increased chance of seeing some Saharan dust which has been lifted from west Africa by strong winds and is being blown northwards as it is caught up in the weather systems heading towards the UK, but also to most other countries in Western Europe.

Saharan dust is lifted by strong winds and can reach very high altitudes which means it can be transported worldwide by winds, covering distances of thousands of kilometres. The dust gets caught in rain droplets in clouds, falling to the ground in rain and when the water evaporates, a thin layer of dust is left on surfaces, like cars - it can also lead to vivid sunsets.
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