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‘Men’s Only’ Christmas church mass in Crete

by Erno » 17 Dec 2015, 11:03

‘Men’s Only’ Christmas church mass in Crete - 17 December, 2015


The established ritual of church mass only for men, which occurs twice a year for the past 14 years in Anogia-Crete, in the Agios Georgios church, took place on Wednesday.

Men from all over Crete “appeared”, as is the customary saying on the island, in the church after the call of the priest Andreas Kefalogiannis in order to commune and hear the preaching about the message of Christmas.

Since 2001, when the vicar of the Agios Georgios church thought to bring the men of Anogia and the surrounding villages of Mylopotamos to church, most men, notably most farmers have taken this opportunity to commune together. Their hard work schedules makes it difficult for them to attend the usual church mass. Every year, the church of Agios Georgios is swarmed with men not only from Anogia, but from all parts of Crete. They consider this not only a chance to commune but also to chat about issues that concern them, in the hope of finding a common solution.

According to reports, the vicar of the church has emphasized the need for communication even through the “corridor”- as he has characteristically said – of faith and orthodoxy.”It is important during our times, to be able to think of one another, to think of all those who are facing very difficult situations…to nourish them with love, with prayer, with warmth and solidarity. All those who come to the mass for men, know very well that we have nothing that divides us and that all together with God, we can endure the difficulties and take strength from participating in the church mass and communion”.

The second church mass just for men takes place just before Easter.

From: http://greece.greekreporter.com/2015/12 ... -in-crete/
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