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Tsatziki movie!

by Annelie » 12 Dec 2015, 15:19

We saw the Tzatziki movie yesterday. It was the first night for the movie and it was showed at many cinemas around Sweden. The film have got very good reviews in the category "family movies". There were a quite a lot of people, mostly children or youngsters with parents.

The movie was really nice. Very nice views from Sfakia, Komitades, Sweetwater beach, Loutro and Marmara.
The water was just as blue and cristal clear as it is in Sfakia. The village looked great. Many scenes from Vrissi beach, Three Brothers, Stavris square, back street with the different small shops. Actually it is a pitty that the back street are so empty when the water front are so full of activity. Also very nice scenes from the amfiteater across from the old hospital were you can sit like on stairs and also view from upper parts looking down at the village, mountanins and sea.
There was also a amazing scene when Tsatziki arrives to Sweetwater beach with his fathers boat. The water was cristal clear and calm, the surface like a mirror, beach empty except from a small table with wine and food in front the tamarisk trees. I think many of us in here in dark cold Sweden wanted to go there on the spot.... [<>~]

We liked alot to see many many friends from the village. Artistoteles serving drinks outside Stavris, Stavros with sheeps, Giorgos the priest, Nikos and Marcos (sons of Paulina Kelaidi) dancing on the beach in Loutro.
Many women and men from the village we usually see every day on our holiday in the square outside Stavris. The sences from outside Stavris were very nice, the tables under the Tamarisk tree with all people in the square and under the lemon tree looked very very nice. There were also nices scenes with children, we saw Zoe (daughter of Nathalia and Giannis) and a son of Bettina playing in a olive grove.

And in the end it was written on the movie screen " A special thank you to the people of Sfakia and Loutro"

I think it was very good publicity!
I hope they will show the movie in Sfakia I think everyone will enjoy it!

Greetings Annelie
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Re: Tsatziki movie!

by Erno » 12 Dec 2015, 15:36

Thank you, Annelie (tu)

I was curiously waiting for news about the new film. Now I look forward to see it myself, later on DVD. At least, I hope it will come out on DVD, also outside of Sweden.

For the memories: here is a photo from the scene outside Hotel Stavris from May 2015:

All the best,

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Re: Tsatziki movie!

by Marie and Andrew » 14 Dec 2015, 19:58

Thanks Annelie for a well written report of the movie Tsatziki,

We can only agree it was a very nice familymovie, and so great to see all the nice scenery from Sfakia.
Apart from the people you mentioned, we saw Nikos from Nikos restaurant, and one of Andreas sons Yannis from Lefka Ori and Andreas wife, and Claudio from Ombrosgialos, and of course the singing shephard from YouTube fame.

For your information Annelie, the film will be shown in Sfakia in May 2016 for the people of the village.

Best regards 8/* 8/* [^***] [^***] from sweden
Marie and Andrew

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