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Global patent for the "Cretan Cure"

by Erno » 11 Nov 2015, 19:42

Global patent for the "Cretan Cure" - 11 November, 2015


The idea began several years ago when epidemiological observations in regions of Crete showed that people who consumed teas from specific herbs had very low morbidity and less impact from colds or flu. The study of the University of Crete researchers on the antioxidant activity of aromatic herbs of Crete was published in the prestigious international biomedical journal Lancet (1998). The beneficial effect of selected aromatic herbs on upper respiratory infections led researchers to the next step. Through years of testing, research revealed a combination of essential oils of 3 herbs, Coridothymus Capitatus [thyme], Salvia Fruticosa [sage] and Origanum Dictamnus [origanum], in specific proportions, in extra virgin olive oil, which works synergistically. This was followed by a clinical trial in patients with symptoms of respiratory virus infection, with beneficial results published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2015).

The fruit of many years of research, which made the distinguished researchers of the University of Crete to bring the indigenous knowledge into substantial knowledge, in cooperation with the company Olvos Science, a subsidiary of the Greek pharmaceutical company Galenica, is the Cretan IAMA [translated: 'remedy' ], which is available from today in pharmacies. [...]

In the interview for the presentation of Cretan IAMA, they highlighted research data of laboratories of participating scientists, as well as possibilities for their exploitation both in therapeutic practice and as an engine for growth. [...]

Cretan IAMA started, was investigated, completed and is produced entirely in Greece.

The team of Olvos Science with the creation of Cretan IAMA, managed to make in the most effective manner from the wealth of Greek land, developing traditional knowledge and creating an innovative product with international potential, as it is now registered with world patent.

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